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Our story



At Pint Nine, we are committed to tradition and innovation. We stand on the tradition of brewers before us to create aroma driven American ales and complex Belgian beers. We appreciate fine German lagers and English session ales, but we also crave the innovation of one-off batches and barrel aging. Our beers are highly fermentable and highly digestible, while being scientifically sound and artfully executed. We hope you enjoy drinking our beers as much as we enjoy brewing them.  Cheers!


What's in a name?

Pint Nine = 16.9 ounces = .5 liters = 500 milliliters 

Before there were so many great American Craft Breweries, we had to get our “good” beers from local bottle shops.  Most of these highly prized beers came from fantastic little European cities, and graced our shores in 16.9 oz. bottles.  We’d lovingly refer to each bottle as a “Pint Nine”, and the name just stuck. When it came time to start our brewery, it just seemed natural to name it Pint Nine, a phrase that had been with us since the beginning of our great beer adventure.  We hope Pint Nine can be part of your great beer adventure too.  


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Featured beers

Pint Nine = 16.9 ounces = .5 liters = 500 milliliters 

Beers are available in 8oz and 16oz pours as well as crowlers — a 32-ounce aluminum can to go.

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Pale Ale

Pint Nine Pale Ale has a strong malt backbone and finishes with noticeable hop bitterness. Early hop additions add juicy fruit flavors, while later additions bring out tangy citrus notes. Caramel and toffee malt notes with soft citrus aromas remain to the end.  Together, they create a very quenching beer that finishes smooth and clean.                                                      

ABV – 5%        IBU - 30



Pint Nine IPA is light orange and leaves bright white lacing in the glass.  The beer carries a strong, smooth bitterness, finishes dry and crisp, and always leaves you wanting one more sip.  This IPA has aromas of stone fruits (mango, peach and nectarine) combined with piney and citrusy hop notes.  A premium beer showing conviction to quality and appealing to the ever increasing number of adventuresome craft beer drinkers.                                                                                                        

ABV – 7%        IBU - 65  


Session Red

Pint Nine Session Red is a beer for all occasions.  This American red ale is well balanced with a nice malt profile and slight hop note.  This beer has flavors of toasted bread and toffee, aromas of grains and nuts and finishes crisp and dry.  A beer that lends itself to pub fare, as well as fine dining, Pint Nine Session Red is a true easy drinker.                                        

ABV – 4%        IBU – 18



Pink Peppercorn Wit

Our Pink Peppercorn Wit is has a large percentage of unmalted wheat.  The beer is hazy, effervescent, and has a dense white head.  Pink peppercorns and grapefruit peel accentuate the Belgian yeast character. Together, they bring out peppery, citrusy and earthy tones that make this an especially delicious twist on a traditional classic.                                              

ABV – 4-8%        IBU - 15



Our Pint Nine Kolsch is light, slightly sweet and refreshing. 

ABV - 5.2%   IBU - 18


HOP BURST BLONDE      *Sold Out*

Pint Nine Hop Burst Blonde is a deceptive, easy drinking, aromatic brew. 

ABV - 4.8%     IBU - 20


FUR COAT STOUT      *Sold Out*

Our Fur Coat Stout has flavors of coffee, tobacco, and a roasted finish.

ABV - 4.7%     IBU - 18


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We make beer. Delicious beer. BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) Please feel free to bring in your own food or order delivery. We have menus available from local restaurants. On occasion we have food trucks - see our events page and calendar. 



Wednesday  4–9pm

Thursday 4-9pm 

Friday 4-10pm

Saturday 12-10pm

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Stop By 


10411 Portal Road, Suite 104

Papillion, Ne 68131



(402) 359.1418



Wednesday  4–9pm

Thursday 4-9pm 

Friday 4-10pm

Saturday 12-10p

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